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NH Innovations from France and Japan

From Lifestyle to Healthcare to Beauty ...

is The Best targeted fat-loss equipment for Central Obesity. Scientifically proven and effective solution for reducing fat inside our body innards covering large and wide areas. Non-invasive. Prior liposuction vs Central Obesity and Thin-Outside-Fat-Inside body.

achieved The Best Aesthetic Product and Treatment Award at Vida Estética-Les Nouvelles Esthétiques in Cosmobelleza Barcelona 2015. Safe, effective on all kinds of fat-loss especially visceral fat loss & cellulite reduction. This slimming equipment can apply on face & body, use friendly and "hands-free". Highly recommended by Doctors.

Cosmetic Wear Paris provides 20 styles for slimming, shaping, moisturzing, firming skin and made-in-France cosmetic inside the textiles.

Special Offer USD 11.5 only

iScent cleaner / flyer is an anti-bacterial fabric which can clean shine, give scents (mutliple fragrance made in France) for smartphones, sunglasses, jewel Using innovative microencapsulations technology for long-lasting functions.

provides detailed consultation data with "Body Fat Index" which is a better BMI as to analyse body fat distribution, water intention, muscle thickness visually with advance technology showing stimulation image, diet plan etc. Color instant images. Spanish and English versions available.


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