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MAC Knife . Exclusive Official Distributor in Brasil

Recommended by Michelin star restaurants' Chef


  • Thomas Keller, The French Laundry "There have been many cutlery suitors who tried to attract Keller's attention, but he was never persuaded. 'About a year ago, Harold gave me a MAC knife to test in the kitchen and I have been using it ever since.' ... The thin blade also allows for a straighter cut because there is less 'wedging' within the food when the blade passes through it.'" - Thomas Keller, "Art Culinaire" #57 Summer 2000

  • Charlie Trotter, Charlie Trotters "Trotter likes MAC knife's blades so much he endorsed them. They're stamped, not forged like most other high-end knives, so they're thin, lightweight and precise" - Charlie Trotter "Food & Wine Magazine" July 2001

  • Hubert Keller, Fleur de Lys

  • Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin

  • the late Jean-Louis Palladin, Jean-Louis Palladin Foundation "They're always sharp" - The late Jean-Louis Palladin "Washingtonian" June 1992


World's Sharpest Knives made-in Japan 

Top 4 Recommended :

Product Reviews - -

"Also, as a sanity check, I had several people come over and try out the MAC 8-in. with dimples along with several of the other knives shown in this article. Every single tester agreed that the MAC was the best knife that they had ever used." -

"Hawaii locals take their food seriously, and MAC knives have become the go-to knives for many local people." - "I’ll come right out and say it – for your money, you won’t find a better performing knife than those offered by MAC." -

"I never understood how some people describe cutting through food to be like cutting through butter. Well, I finally understood." -

"...once we tried them we were blown away, and are complete converts. Not that the Henckle’s and Wusthof’s are suddenly terrible…they are still very well made and completely fine. They just aren’t quite as mind-blowingly extraordinary." -

"If ever we put our stamp of approval on a product today is that day. The the knife to beat..." -

"there really isn't much in this world cooler than owning a big sharp piece of metal that can multi task like no other tool. And that is exactly what the Mac Cleaver (SD-65) does." -

"All 3 of the knifes I purchased in the 70's are still in use and are still the first knife reached for."

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