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iScent cleaner

iScent cleaner

$19.00 Regular Price
$11.50Sale Price
iScent cleaner "la vie en rose" Joy to the World [limited design]

Microcapsules. Long-lasting scent, shine, anti-bacterial cloth

Suitable for cleaning sunglasses, iphone, smart phones, electronical appliances, watches and jewels.

Effective on killing >98% invisible germs more than 6 months, and stay with the unique rose fragrance.

Made in France. (Free shipping with purchase over USD 25)

玫瑰香味 ‧ 普天同慶 iScent [限量版]

微米持久潔亮, 抗菌, 香味清潔布
適合清潔眼鏡, iphone, 手機, 平板電腦, 手錶, 珠寶手飾

持續 6 個月以上有效殺滅 98% 以上看不見的細菌, 以及帶來獨有玫瑰芳香. 法國製造
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    Free Delivery in Hong Kong 香港免郵
    International Delivery Free with order more than USD 25

    Payment by credit card or Paypal in US dollars
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