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NH iScent Cleaner at DG Lifestyle stores 九間分店

You can now go to DG-Lifestyle stores "Apple Official Reseller" in Hong Kong at 9 locations to choose and buy our iScent cleaners in various fragrance options: 10 種香味,除菌 98.28%,潔亮,法國微米膠囊技術,功用香味持久。擦一擦,來自法國嘅不同香味會停留係您嘅電話、手錶、眼鏡同珠寶手飾上


iScent . Innovative Scent . Shine . Anti-bacterial cloth


Perhaps your first time to know that, but this is the innovative and latest new marketing tools for you in Multisensory marketing and advertising. To give specific scent (we provide tailor-made fragrances or optionals fragrances for you) on a fabric, long lasting for up to 6 months! It gives also anti-bacterial function, proven 98.28% germs kill by using our iScent cleaner. You will find remarkably clean and shine using it to clean your smartphones, watches, jewels and sunglasses etc... Multi-functions in one. Microencapsulations technology, cosmetic made in France.

New Launching in Hong Kong

*Cocacola series 7 scents

Free Hong Kong delivery 香港免郵

HKD158 Now: HKD88 only


Free International delivery with purchase more than HKD300

iScent "la vie en rose" Joy to the World [limited design]


Microcapsules. Long-lasting scent, shine, anti-bacterial cloth


Suitable for cleaning sunglasses, iphone, smart phones, electronical appliances, watches and jewels.

Effective on killing >98% invisible germs more than 6 months, and stay with the unique rose fragrance.


Made in France. 


玫瑰香味 ‧ 普天同慶 iScent [限量版]


微米持久潔亮, 抗菌, 香味清潔布

適合清潔眼鏡, iphone, 手機, 平板電腦, 手錶, 珠寶手飾

持續 6 個月以上有效殺滅 98.28% 以上看不的細菌, 以及帶來獨有玫瑰芳香. 法國製造

Decent Frangrances 17 choices or tailor made ..


You can send us your design images for printing.

MOQ 1,000 pieces


Choose our fragrance options below, or request us to tailor-made your own fragrance.

Let your clients remembering your Brand's scent and seeing your logo anywhere, anytime ...


High Quality - Water Ink Certified Oekotex

Optional iScent Pouch and iScent Cleaners. You can order and let us know your request of color and fragrance.

We can tailor made iScent cleaner / pouch / the items you request. Contact us.

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