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Cosmetic Wear Paris . Wear to moisturize and slim


Supply and tailor made corporate brand of innovative microencapsulated cosmetotextile, cosmetic ready-to-wear.

Up to 20 styles for men and female, 4 popular ranges of moisturizing, slimming, firming, push-up wears. High comfortability and quality, decent fragrance with natural ingredients and unique formulas. Cosmetic made in France.


Welcome to order for personal use, or order in bulk for your store. 



Micro capsules full of moisturizer, firming and slimming ingredients via movement break-down and penentrate into skin for brighter, firmer and softer skin texture.

4 textile structures to achieve Micromassage, Anti-cellulite, Anti-stress Active Legs and Compressive Shape Up functions in a comfortable way.

Unique natural cosmetic ingredients made in France, formulated for the effect on:Slimming / Anti-cellulite, Anti-aging / Repulpant,

Firming / Toning, Veinotonic,

Moisturizing / Restructuring, Aromatheraphy / Relaxation. 

Results proven can achieve in 15 days and 28 days

The textile can help you to lose up one clothes size, simply by wearing it. (Textile immediate corrective shaping action);

- 97% of the women notice that their skin get softer

- 94% that their skin gets smoother after 15 days of wear.

- After 28 days, 82% of women notice that their figure gets slimmer (cosmetic action)    

Tailor-made your Brand 

280 colors available

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