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NARL 517 Pad Powertester

NARL 517 Pad Powertester

$335.00 Regular Price
$155.00Sale Price
517 POWER TESTER is used for checking the ultrasonic power, emitted from the surface of the Pad of NARL devices.

Made in Japan

For preparation of use, after getting the TESTER out of the package, set up one AA battery (1.5v DC) in the battery case on the back. We provided the battery for you.
For setting the battery, the lid on the back is opened and place one AA battery (1.5v DC) inside of the battery case properly.

  • Details

    * Operation
    Step-1 : Connect the Pad to the NARL main body and switch the power on. Get wet sufficiently the surface of the Pad by water or gel and push on the Switch of NARL and then to be ready for checking the ultrasonic power.

    Step-2 : Switch on the TESTER and then, green- colored
    light is flashed at a glance but at once, changed to the red-color lighting for a stand-by mode.

    Step-3 : Place tightly the sensor portion of the TESTER on to the
    wet surface of the Pad. (Note: Confirm again the surface of the Pad is wet sufficiently, and the sensor of the TESTER is placed properly on the surface of the portions of inner cell of the Pad. Since the ultrasonic power is emitted from/on the cells. Those cells can be touch-felt by fingers.)

    Step-4 : While the green is lighted, the ultrasonic is emitted properly but when the red is lighted, no ultrasonic is emitted.

    Step-5 : To move to checking the next cell, please wait for over 2 seconds.

    Step-6 : After checking is over, please clean up the sensor portion with slightly wet cloth.
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