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Official Authorized Distributor of NITTO Japan - NH worldwide

日本 NITTO 直接授權正貨出售

保護功能手機殼 "雙截棍" Trick Cover 

iphone 6 HKD298 及 iPhone 6 Plus

HKD 328 香港免


Official NITTO Trick Cover Made in Japan for

iPhone 6 HKD298 and iPhone 6 Plus HKD328

free delivery in Hong Kong.

Retail and bulk order accepted.

Nunchaku style

iPhone case

"Trick Cover for

iPhone6 & iPhone 6Plus"

White color 白色

Black color 黑色

Red color 紅色

Multi angles and high flexibility 

保護功能手機殼 "雙截棍"

NH official Distributor of NITTO Trick Cover

Convenient Octopus card / smart card storage in the Trick Cover

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